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Looking for a bread recipe by weight

Hello. I have been struggling with perfecting my homemade bread. My problem is that my bread or buns come out too heavy/dense.

I have been scouring the Internet for a recipe that gives the flour by weight. I have viewed several youtube videos to see how the dough should look and I am having trouble getting it 'elastic' like they show in the video.

I have been using traditional yeast, I heat my water to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and dissolve a little sugar and the yeast, it froths up just like the videos show. Since I started checking the temperature I have seen some improvement in my final product so I am moving in the right direction.

I have tried recipes that were very basic to ones that contained more ingredients like eggs and I always end up with dough too heavy.

I tried making a sponge and allowing that to raise for 20 minutes before adding the rest of the flour and the final product was very course, when I cut into the loaf it was crumbly.

I used to do a double raise 45 minutes each and I believe I over proofed I have seen a bit of an improvement after switching to one raise for 1 hour then forming the dough and raising it from 30 - 40 minutes. I set in in a warm oven to raise, I turn the oven on just long enough to warm it then I turn it off and let the dough raise, it all looks promising and every time I think I'm going to have success.

I believe part of the problem is too much flour, under or over mixing and proof times, possibly I am not baking it long enough too. I know if you let it raise too long the loaf with actually fall and you get a dense loaf so I worry about leaving it to raise too long.

I use the recipe from the bread machine and even it came out dense, it did when I made it in the machine too but in the past I had success making it in the machine so I don't know what has changed to cause no recipe to turn out. I use the same brands and I use a kitchen aid to mix it, I can't mix by hand because my hands get sore.

So does anyone have a recipe that has flour by weight? I want a small recipe, less than 5 pounds. I can't find one anywhere on the Internet.

Thanks in advance!
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