Starr (cowprintavenger) wrote in bakery,

Inspiration needed!

It's VERY unusual for me not to have ideas for things to make, and even more unusual that looking through all my cookbooks doesn't help, but I'm planning desserts for Christmas day and I'm seriously in need of inspiration so hopefully someone might be able to help!

I really want a cold dessert that I can make in advance and that can be divided into as many servings as are needed rather than being in individual portions, and obviously with it being Christmas I want something a bit special that I wouldn't make normally. The difficulty is that I already have some things I'm planning to make so I need one more dessert that isn't too similar to the other things I'm going to do, which are:
Trifle tart
Chocolate mousse cake
Christmas cake

This means I don't want anything chocolatey, creamy or custardy, or a pie/tart or a mousse. I was thinking something fruity would be good, but I can't find anything that sounds good that isn't a tart/pie/cheesecake or full of cream (like a pavlova). I don't have enough space in the freezer to make ice cream or sorbet so that's not an option. I've tried to search online but it's difficult when all I know is what I DON'T want, not what I do want! Does anyone have any bright ideas? Thank you if you can help!
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