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Assistance requested ASAP, please!

I need your input!

Crescent roll dough with eggs has been made and has been rising for a few hours. Is it safe to leave out overnight, and through the day tomorrow, until I can bake it in the evening? Or should it be refrigerated? If I refrigerate it, will it kill the yeast?

Thanks in advance!!!

[EDIT] - I did end up putting my dough in the fridge! Thanks for the input! :-D
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Putting dough with yeast in the refrigerator doesn't kill the yeast. At least it didn't when I've done it. It goes through "retarding", which also gives it a nice darker crust when baked.
Awesome! I did poke through and read a couple of sites where people have said that the dough had risen better after having been refrigerated, and that it bake up well.

Thank you! :-)
It will actually be better to refrigerate it than leave it out. If left out, it will most certainly overproof, which is going to affect the final product once baked. Like Moocachip said, refrigetating it will slow the yeast down, but will not kill it.
Thank you! I did end up putting it in the refrigerator. :-)